Saturday, January 5, 2013

Funny Water

During our morning explorations on new or interesting concepts, my daughter brought a floating water bridge to my attention:

(If the image isn't moving on your screen, move your cursor over it)...

When very high voltages are applied to water in two adjacent beakers, they spontaneously form a “water bridge”. It’s a phenomena that, despite being known for more than 100 years, is not completely understood to this day. It is thought that the extreme voltages, in the thousands of volts, are able to pull the positive and negative charges of the water apart in a way that the thread can overcome gravity.

(Above Photo): Infared thermal images of the floating water bridge setup at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. The color scale goes from 24°C (dark purple) to 50°C (bright yellow). The four quadrants show the water bridges with different thickness and temperatures. The bottom left image shows a water bridge immediately before collapse,due to reduced voltage. Source.

Just as in the molecular dynamics of energie I've observed, "bulk (water) molecules do not exhibit any significant preferred orientation along the electric field" (structural changes were observed due to heating or other applied distortions). The electric field surrounds all electrically charged particles and time-varying magnetic fields. 

In simpler terms, the water is directionally dependent 
on the electric field. 

Before any deformation can be made, most materials exist in an isotropic state with random grain orientations. Kind of like how people can go with the flow until someone upsets the apple cart. Rather than allowing our biomaterial structure to get distorted in relation to other physical or mechanical properties with differing orientations (such as with heat in the above example), we can consciously choose which crystalline structures to express as well as which ones we allow to affect us (while all energie affects us, we can alter our own trajectory in a way that dispels this energie in favor of other energetic strands). 

Knowing that we can find identical properties in every direction, we can allow ourselves an isotrophic-like approach in which we consciously choose to go with the flow - riding energie that interests or benefits us (and others when they are in the proximity of positive energetic expression). 

Like in the water bridge, there's no reason to change direction when the energie you meet is similar or identical in all measures, sans space-time. Encountering energie in proximal regions allows us to filter out larger, uninteresting particles, which results in greater flow-through and more efficient filtration. 

Filtering what we want to experience by going with the flow is a very pleasant experience. It might look complicated, but in reality, it is merely a property of our physical universe. 

Spontaneous humor occurs when likeminded water bridge-like moments give rise to an equal distribution of molecules with abnormally high electron density. 

Humor affects the magnetic field around us and causes an observed chemical shift. Depending on the amplitude applied to the humorous frequency, I would imagine that someday this energetic exchange could be harnessed into a laser-like device that when directed toward a person would administer a dose of feel-good energie. 

Just imagine it: a funny bone laser being utilized in the field of mental health care. 

Chemistry Jokes

Two guys walk into a bar. One orders H2O, the other orders H2O too. 
Only one them leave.

What do you call a joke based on cobalt, radon, and yttrium? CoRnY 

Do you know the chemical formula for Sodium Hydroxide? NaH. 

He may have history with her...but he has chemistry with me. 

Did you hear oxygen and potassium went on a date? 
I heard it went OK

Hey Bromine and Boron are calling me.
Don't worry, I'll BrB.

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