Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hello Friends... and random blog explorers. For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I've taken a little break in my writing to pursue my budding career as a famous Stick Figure Artist. 

Now I know what you're thinking... why Stick Figures? 


...for quality thinking to arise we need people who would be equally and unabashedly comfortable looking for ideas in the simple lines, circles, and geometric shapes inherent in the making of a Stick Figure, and who can continually guide viewers in that endless labyrinth of stances that make up the stuff of thinking; who have the ability to bring out in something as simple as a Stick Figure the logical assumptions that serve as the foundation for those linkages.

In other words, I like thinking about Stick Figures. In fact, some of my best friends are Stick Figures, and for better or worse, they serve as my critical guide and conscience. There is something about Stick Figures that has struck a cord with me; be it their whimsical stylization, their BIG RED HEART, 

or the fluidity of their lines; the more I draw them, the more animated they become. 

At first blush the connection between Stick Figures, humor, and thinking might seem a bit odd: a highly unusual linkage... but if you’re anything like me, you’re probably bored by the standard linkages one makes while standing in line at Whole Foods and looking for something different upon which to feast your brain. After all, novelty and humor are the brain’s aphrodisiacs. 

Novelty and humor go together like:

ichy and scratchy
bert and ernie
tango and cash
bonnie and clyde
homer and marge
wallace and grommit
thelma and louise
batman and robin
sheldon and leonard
chocolate and vanilla 
shawn and gus
dooney and bourke
lilo and stitch
marco and polo 
scooby and shaggy
ozzie and harriet
laverne and shirley
sonny and cher
romeo and juliet
lois and clark
simon and garfunkel
peanut butter and jelly
milk and cookies
black and white
instagram and twitter
storm and rain
fire and flame
mustaches and creeps 
trix and silly rabbits
bill cosby and pudding pops
teen girls and vampires
texting and phone poles
mom and dad
milli and vanilli (girl, you know it's true)
nerds and glasses
strawberries and cream
adam and eve
this and that
fred and wilma
tom & jerry
incubus and succubus
aladdin and princess jasmine
tarzan and jane
stalagmites and stalactites
bread and butter
sticks and stones
gomez and morticia addams
ben and jerry
john smith and pocahontas
bricks and mortar
david and goliath
pins and needles
needles and haystacks
donald and daisy duck
ren and stimpy
bill and ted
bow and arrow
fun and games
charlie brown and snoopy
jekyll and hyde
winnie the pooh and honey
dogs and cats
punch and judy
popeye and olive oyl
jack and jill
tweedledum and tweedledee
antony and cleopatra
yin and yang
soul and train
stars and stripes
beauty and the beast
mickey and minnie
elvis and sequin
mulder and scully
thunder and lightening
ET and phones
soph and laugh

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