Friday, August 9, 2013

Visual Humor

We live in an age of ocular domination. Ours is a visual culture, and researchers who study perception relate vision as the most significant among the senses. 

This blog started out as an exploration into humor, I was searching for a better way to share my epiphany that good humor is good medicine. As it turned out, visual humor is very good medicine. 

In a way, we are all looking for meaningful signs. Every day, we look for and absorb visual information, either online or in our natural environments. We can either be inspired by what we see or retreat, believing the world is a place in which one must always be en guarde.

My question today is... 

Can a blog with a minimum of scholarly research, crammed with jokes, lighthearted commentary, and silly stories be exciting and readable enough to warrant enough attention by followers in a way that peaks the interest of humor scholars? Is it possible to make a joke out of humor research and still yield valuable information from the enterprise? 

So I continue experimenting with presenting information in a highly visual format, exploring ideas in both new and old ways. Sharing subjects that spring from my own curiosity and ignorance - asking questions I want to think about - avoiding straightforward facts and dry statistics. 

Instead, I focus on the relationship between facts, the context, and the images that make information meaningful. 

So, that's what this blog is... a highly visual interconnected presentation of miscellaneous facts and ideas ~ some humorous, others not so much. 

Thank you for visiting this intentionally humorous, highly visual experiment of making the exploration of humor approachable (and fun) for anyone interested in exploring the subject. 

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