Sunday, May 1, 2016

Outdated Hairstyles for Women

If you're anything like me, you've probably fallen in love with a hairstyle and never ever abandoned it; at least not for long ...

Goodness, me!
My hairstyle is getting outdated!

If so, it's time to get yourself to the hairdresser, post haste. But don't go unprepared. You'll have to search the net for attractive hairstyles, ones that fit your face shape, attitude, color of hair, amount of hair, type of hair, and so forth.

Today I am trying to decide between two different styles.

Modern Version of the 
80s Swimwear model look

Modern version of the 
retired 80s swimwear model look

Seeing these pictures, I'm thinking my hairstyles have pretty much always looked the same, which means it's time for a drastic change!

But really, there's only so many looks this author thinks she can pull off and still feel comfortable with herself. 

Going back in time ... 

I've had bangs ...

Worn my hair up ... 

Embraced the wavy look ... 

And used a lot of product to stiffen my hair ... 

It's time for a change!






It's gonna be a fun summer!

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