Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Avatar Alice

Avatar Alice leisurely leans upon a cloud of infinity, 
infinitely existing in the stillness,
resplendent images are met with a softness of grace,
and a sprig of rose ...

With no superimposed image set upon it,
Avatar Alice delights in the images that appear, 
and from time to time,
leaps into a Cosmic Vessel
traveling down-inward into a vibrant world
called the Forest of Kings ...

Arriving on a wooden mushroom
with time as a natural accompaniment, 
Avatar Alice is met by a Welcoming Committee

With considerable effort,
she leans inward, partaking of those little niceties
that enable her to fit 
inside the beautifully decorated and oddly friendly door

Knock, Knock ...

The door marks the entrance to 
the Temple of Wonderland
where guides stand ready at every corner
to direct one onward, inward and upside-down-ward
and far deeper into her many spectacles ...

Happy little clams,
piping hot coffee burbling (bubbling & gurgling) and brewing
red painted roses
vibrant contrasts
metaphorical colors
offering a first-hand glimpse of striking significance
and because
Alice is a connoisseuress of beautiful things
she, with gladness, adoration and readiness
accepts an invitation to tea
from the seasonal sprites,whose charm and innocence 
captivate her affections ...

With a slight tilt of her beaconess head
and an air of happiness,
Avatar Alice bows in dignified congeniality to the Court
and then returns to polite conversation with her newfound friends

Ready upon their faces
are a variety of compliments
the greeting for which Avatar Alice endeavors to honor
for each newly acquired choice and its accompaniment, 
the experience, are, from her understanding,
an emergence of raw unicity in a fully livened form

As Avatar Alice eavesdrops on their conversation,
sitting side by side so that she has less difficulty hearing them,
she catches a drift of their talk,
a conversation that began before she arrived
and will continue until the sun begins to drop behind the landscape,
just across the sea

It is aimless, cheerful chat,
for the most part mundane
They talk about the sunlight,
which is delightfully bright today,
or depending upon their mood,
unusually hazy,

The owner of a new cheese stall in a port market,
their children and grandchildren,
storks and bunnies and mice, alike
the state of Wonderland affairs,
and Occasionally one tells a story from his or her past
~ usually one his or her companions have heard before

The talk is punctuated by leisurely,
comfortable silences

As they gaze out upon the childlike landscape,
making clouds into animal shapes,
a mist falls over the land and
Wonderland fades into an imaginative memory
replaced by newly discovered notions of sights and sounds
that lend to further imaginary indulgences ...

Avatar Alice returns many times to Wonderland,
and on occasion, for several extended periods,

Herein we find clues in the way people live there,
plus an assortment of other favorites,
and if I dare say,
a few clues in those too ...

Although not a subject of hilarity
youthful ambitions and the prospect of their ancient-ness
are the things of philosophical inquiry
and boundless curious energy

The prospect of reading into such absurdities
surrounded by a rocky, sunlight landscape
where ideas flourish until they feel right
and are then released,
like balloons,
is humor epiphany enough
for one not searching for shocking glimpses of mirrors
that set the wheels of rabbit holes turning

With the unmistakably wry smile of an Avatar,
Avatar Alice earnestly finds Wonderland a good thing
and something not to be missed,
for it has an appeal of the 
"forever young" 

And at the very least,
in the best and most appropriate way,
is subject to its table settings (and manners),
so that all are in comfortable reach 
of the buffet of feasts ...

Bon appétit !!

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