Saturday, September 24, 2016

Exploring Personal Branding Through Play

Oh My !!

I recently changed my profile imagine on FB. Nothing outlandish. Nothing over-the-top, just lighthearted fun. My cover photo ... 

is probably more appealing to a Snapchat audience than to my over 40 FB audience. But I like it and I think it's cool .. and fun. The artist in me wants to draw something like that and the rebel in me is going to keep it up there just because. 

My profile photo ... 

I thought, was rather subdued; in particular given the sort of shocking images one can't help but come across on the Internet (even without trying). It would be a perfect profile photo if instead of the guy tilting his head in a Thales of Miletus sort of way, "Is that ship coming or going?" ... there was a teddy bear in my hand ... because that's more "me" ... but what can you do when you don't even realize someone is taking a photo?

And that's just it ... most of our profile pics are front-based perspectives. But 1/2 of our life experience, like dreaming vs wakeful state - is spent with our greeting people from the front while others experience our backside. 

Most people respond favorably to the front-side greetings, dismissing the backside entirely. When I post front-side profile pics ... the responses are many. 

Since I am not "going for many" but rather multiple opportunities to learn and process the world (so that I can think about it, which I find thoroughly enjoying) posting a rear-facing profile pic has given me a the extraordinary opportunity to "think about" the differences in human response. Sure, there might be a few of the emotional responses like the one that prompted my changing my profile pic in the first place ... (a long-time FB interactor sent me a concerned note about my last profile pic, implying that my image was too sexy and not like my typical smily self ... )

to which at first I found a bit insulting until I thought about my public branding. 

Because I express myself as lighthearted and conservative despite my self-professed playfulness, my images tend toward good, old-fashioned smiles ...

... even though someone recently said one was too "close up" 

The thing of it is ... even though I have played in the space of humor (aesthetic discourse), like everyone, I am interested in many expressions of thought. The common thread that unites the Soph Laugh expression is my experiential approach to life, reflected in my sense of humor ... which is laugh at life (not others). 

As a philosopher, I am not trying to prove anything, which means I might not be a philosopher in the recognized sense of the word. I do not have an overwhelming desire to move people toward "my side of the force" toward my "subjective thoughts on the universe" ... for they are mine. If someone asks me what I think of a subject, depending on the subject, I'm happy to engage ... and while I might not share all my perspectives on a thought, the thoughts I share are sincere with a dash of gratitude and sass for decoration. I truly enjoy interacting with others ... and the enterprise of philosophizing is a way of being for me.  

Naturally I process and try to be attentive to feedback, but I have received feedback from so many points of view that if I were to respond to all of it, I'd be in need of Lucian help. 

Playful Branding 

The concept of Playful Branding deserves deeper consideration, but for now, a shout-out to my many friends, including the two whom I referenced in this note (with good intent) ... 

Remember, we're all just playing here. Some of us are experiencing life from a more serious perspective, some with more gusto behind their "life purpose" .... and some just trying to make it from day to day. 

We can't help placing people into little tiny boxes ...

but doing so means you could miss out on something round or oblong or cone-like

The Real Me

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