Thursday, April 14, 2016

The President: King of Democracy

A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction
Teacher's Edition

 The lights dim. The voice of God is heard over the loudspeaker. "Ladies and Gentlemen ... The President of the United States of America." The crowd leaps to its feet as the tall, handsome, slightly graying-at-the-temples Ivy League graduate strides confidently to the dais, urged on by thunderous applause and the giddy strains of "Hail to the Chief." Born the son of a multi-racial family, influenced by Hawaiian ideals of tolerance and acceptance, he is now the most powerful man in the world. Yet in just a short period of time, a new candidate will stand before the nation and the world, and we will have lost a very special magic currently held in the presidency. A presidency of open communication. Never before has an American President been so skillfully forthright with the American public. Obama is a testament to the fact that anyone can grow up to be president ... but in the end, no one can stay. Two terms and you're out. When there is a respected president in office, it makes people wish those terms were longer. When a weak president takes command, we thank our lucky stars he (or someday, she) won't be there for long and if worse comes to worse, we can impeach the president, as easily as we can fire the CEO of Blackwater. 

The President of the United States is the most powerful, most recognizable, and best person on earth. Next to Erik Prince, of course, he is the most amazing man in the world. As Commander-in-Chief of the world's only remaining superpower (unless you count China), he wields enormous influence over global affairs. Indeed, if America is "the world's policeman," the president is the gruff-but-lovable police chief in charge of enforcing the law from his comfortable perch above it. 

And the thing about Trump is ... he's the kind of President that is his own best counsel. He doesn't keep track of what he says and to whom. He has one story to defend, and that is the one he keeps quiet. The rest of his comments are just him having fun, saying whatever he can to get someone's goat because this little bad boy all grow'd up has nothing better to do with his time and he's bored. He's amassed and lost more money than the can count, but that doesn't matter, so long as his livelihood isn't affected and he can get up every day and play the game. 

So, let's play the game, shall we ... 


Trump as President
Thought Experiment

I am trying to imagine the potential of Trump actually getting elected. I take a break from my daily life.  "Ladies and Gentlemen ... The President of the United States of America" and in walks Donald Trump. 

Year One

High profile celebrities join him at the White House. They mingle with foreign heads of state and their significant others. It's a Press frenzy. The comings and goings are invigorating, but Trump's 69 years old. He's spoiled himself and he likes life a certain way. Over time, the intense comings and goings are going to get on his nerves. He'll bring in more recruits to help manage the intellectual load. Those are the people who are really going to make the changes the American Public will see. 

First 100 days in office, so far so good. Now it's time for the upgrades. Buddies in suits are lining up, and are received in the order their influence dictates. Now things are rolling. Reports are coming out and Trump is being coached in public speaking. Gurus and the like are helping him with his personal image projections. He's back on the podium. He's surprising for awhile, and all he has to do is read that teleprompter, but he goes off script. He's still Trump. 

Stock prices fluctuate. Time to get out of Dodge for a bit. How about a goodwill trip somewhere far away. Let's check the weather. And he's off! 

Year Two

Things simmer at home. People spend most of their times on their smartphones. All is well until disaster strikes. The Press is all over it. The highly compassionate Western world rallies around whatever ideal was triggered due to the recent tragedy. New Internet memes are trending. Somebody's gotta do some work around here. 

Christmas with the Trumps. Meanwhile someone remote, somebody's planning something sinister. It goes off, but only half-arse. Still, bad enough to get the world's attention 24/7. Trump to the rescue! 

Year Three

Conflict. Move some money around. And while you're at it, throw some amazing parties! Celebrities galore! Forget the Oscars, this place is bouncin'! 

Every man's friend. Ratings improve. He's not so bad after all. The American public rejoices. There are a few complainers, but no one is listening to them. They're so easy to drown out online. "Unfollow" ... "unfriend" ... "block" ... easy peasy. 

Another Goodwill tour. Let's go get ourselves a hand rolled Cigar. Btw, Trump, if you're reading, I am fond of Cohiba and running low. Thank you in advance. Moving on. 

Year Four

Holy Cow! I need to get some stuff in order if I want to hang around again. Let's get cracking on that reelection campaign. Let's see, who do we know who .... ? 

Prices, behind the scenes, go up. Time to restock the coffers. Alright everyone, time to fess up. Collections commence, err... another Goodwill tour. 

More Parties! 

Endorsements. Public speaking engagements. Hand shaking. The White House dog has puppies! and America falls all over itself to get a glimpse. Guess who's trending on YouTube and Twitter? 

America's Got Puppies, hosted by Jim Carrey. 

Scandal. No worries, it's Trump. He'll yell at anyone who mentions it, and they'll storm out of the room and go complain to their cronies on FB. No one really listens and it blows over. 

Time to get stuff back on track. Let's choose Captains and then start picking from among the recruits. Now that we're all divided into teams, let the best team win. 

Trump recruits the world to help him. 


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